Peacemobile - Enriching the lives of children through the pursuit of peace for all.

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Rainforest Rescue

Peacemobile is an exciting new way for children to develop peace-making skills and awareness through play.  This travelling resource consists of 20 interactive exhibits on the themes of:

Peace for Me helping children discover the wonder and beauty within themselves by increasing self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

Peace for Us - helping children explore and practice cooperation, communication, conflict resolution and respect for others in their daily relationships.  

Peace for Everybody - helping children to examine the possibilities of others and celebrate the cultural diversity of the human race.

Peace for the Planet - helping children to address the need for care and appreciation of our earth.

    "I wish that the world was a happy place. Peacemobile is great fun." - Lily

    "Peacemobile was exciting, I enjoyed it." - Athit

    "I liked Peacemobile very much and I think you should try it." - Angel

Peacemobile Co-ordinator: Maria Lomax

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